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About Medikamio

The Medikamio information platform provides you with information about medicines, diseases and active ingredients.

Would you like information about specific medicines, diseases or active ingredients? Have you misplaced the package insert for your medication and want to find out how to use it correctly? Do you want to read interesting articles on the subject of health and be informed about the findings of current studies? Then you are guaranteed to find what you are looking for at Medikamio.

Our vision

"Our vision is to support patients and doctors with reliable, up-to-date and user-friendly technologies to quickly view relevant drug information and thus make taking medication easier and safer in the long term."

DI Marco Vitula, Gründer & Geschäftsführer

Our offer

The platform contains extensive drug information, including package leaflets for national and European-approved medicines. These are already available free of charge in 9 countries.

  • Medication
    We offer you an extensive database with package inserts for over 90,000 medicines from 9 countries in 7 languages. You can quickly compare and filter medicines and also find medicines with the same active ingredient.

  • Active ingredients
    We provide you with information on more than 500 active ingredients, including their effects, use, dosage, side effects and contraindications. All descriptions are compiled by pharmaceutical editors.

  • Diseases
    You will find up-to-date descriptions of more than 200 diseases with causes, symptoms, diagnoses, therapies and prognoses. All content is created by scientific/medical editors.

  • Magazine
    Our magazine articles provide you with information and findings from studies on current health topics and medicines as well as diseases and treatment options.

Medikamio editorial team

Our editorial principles

Our editorial team consists of doctors, pharmacists and pharmacy and science students. Our articles are therefore written exclusively by experienced authors and then checked by our editorial team before they are published. We also carry out regular internal reviews and quality checks to ensure that our content remains up to date.

Our goal

Our goal is to make evidence-based and reliable drug & health information easily accessible to our readers through scientifically researched articles and findings from studies and to answer any questions competently and neutrally.

Our sources

All information used for the content comes from verified sources (recognized institutions, experts, studies from renowned universities). We attach great importance to the qualifications of the authors and the scientific background of the information. In this way, we ensure that our research is based on scientific findings.

Our editorial team

Dr. med. univ. Moritz Wieser

Dr. med. univ. Moritz Wieser

Moritz Wieser graduated in human medicine in Vienna and is currently studying dentistry. He primarily writes articles on the most common diseases for Medikamio. He is particularly interested in ophthalmology, internal medicine and dentistry. He is also interested in some areas of pharmacy.

Mag. pharm. Stefanie Lehenauer

Mag. pharm. Stefanie Lehenauer

Stefanie Lehenauer has been a freelance writer for Medikamio since 2020 and studied pharmacy at the University of Vienna. She works as a pharmacist in Vienna and her passion is herbal medicines and their effects.

Thomas Hofko

Thomas Hofko
Pharmacy student

Thomas Hofko is an author for pharmaceutical topics in the medical editorial team of medikamio and primarily writes articles on active ingredients. He is in the last third of his bachelor's degree in pharmacy and is particularly interested in the fields of clinical pharmacy and phytopharmacy.

Lisa Türk, BSc

Lisa Türk, BSc

Lisa Türk is a freelance journalist and editor specializing in science, medicine, health and psychology. She is passionate about writing texts that focus on informative added value for the respective target group. What is never missing: the most accurate research, precise language and empathy.

The management

DI Marco Vitula

DI Marco Vitula
Founder & CEO

Marco Vitula is a health tech entrepreneur and founder of Medikamio. He studied business informatics in Vienna and Graz. In 2008, he founded the physician platform Arztsuche24, in 2011 the health-tech company Diagnosia and in 2012 the mail-order pharmacy Vamida, which he sold to the pharmaceutical wholesaler Pharmosan in 2021. In his spare time, he is a passionate sailor.

Thomas Brandauer, MSc

Thomas Brandauer, MSc

Thomas is co-founder as well as technical partner at medikamio. After successfully completing a bachelor's degree in business informatics, he expanded his knowledge by completing a master's degree in IT security. His academic background and expertise enable medikamio to develop innovative solutions for the challenges of the health tech sector.

Ing. Johann Brandauer, MSc

Ing. Johann Brandauer, MSc

Johann Brandauer is co-founder and technical partner of Medikamio. He studied software engineering in Vienna. Through his extensive experience as co-founder of startups and consultant in digital business for various companies as well as public institutions, he significantly promotes the development of innovative health tech solutions.

The Advisory Board

Kerstin Sitte, LL.M.

Kerstin Sitte, LL.M.
Advisory Board Member

Kerstin Sitte is a member of the advisory board at Medikamio and advises the management. She studied business law at the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration and gained legal experience as an employee at the Federal Administrative Court and the Constitutional Court, among others. She is also involved as a volunteer paramedic with Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe.

Dr. Maximilian Schnödl, MBA

Dr. Maximilian Schnödl, MBA
Advisory Board Member

Maximilian Schnödl is an Austrian entrepreneur and investor. He advises the Medikamio management based on his international experience in the health tech segment, e.g. with CareYaya (USA), medudoc (DACH) or PocketRN (USA). He studied law at the University of Vienna and holds an MBA from Harvard University.

Our certifications

We regularly have our information platform certified because we set ourselves high quality standards and to give you the assurance that you can trust our health information.

The central concern of afgis e.V. is the improvement of health information on the Internet. afgis has therefore developed standards and rules to check the trustworthiness of online and health offers. fulfills the afgis criteria.
To the certificate

The HONcode certification is awarded to verified websites that offer health information. The focus is on providing readers with ethical, accurate and reliable health information. adheres to the HONcode standard.

Our history

The platform was founded in 2016 and emerged from the platform as part of a management buyout


Diagnosia was founded in 2011 by Stefan Weixelbaumer, Eric Pfarl, Lukas Zinnagl, Fritz Höllerer and Marco Vitula. The platform was the basis for

2015 has more than 2.5 million visitors per month (Google Analytics).


The separation of the B2MD and B2C business gave rise to the Medikamio brand, and the platform was migrated to


Migration and management buy-out by Dipl.-Ing. Marco Vitula .


Johann Brandauer and Thomas Brandauer from bitcraft join as technical partners. Hon code certification.


afgis certification

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The contents shown do not replace the original package insert of the medicinal product, especially with regard to dosage and effect of the individual products. We cannot assume any liability for the correctness of the data, as the data was partly converted automatically. A doctor should always be consulted for diagnoses and other health questions. Further information on this topic can be found here.