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General terms and conditions

The terms and conditions below apply to all contracts and other services between the customer and „Medikamio GmbH & KG“, a limited commercial partnership under the law of the Austrian Republic, with the registered office in Vienna 1010, Schulerstraße 1-3/2 Top 55 (hereafter „Medikamio“ or „”). Additional agreements require a written confirmation by Medikamio. The website is in complete possession of the owner and is funded entirely privately.


(1) The goal of Medikamiko is to inform private individuals as well as medical professionals fast and effectively regarding the use, effects, side effects, components and the correct storage of medical products. Medikamio offers information about medication and digitized package inserts which are checked under high quality requirements. Yet, this information might be changed due to automatic processing.

(2) All content on is intended for informational purposes only and does not replace a consultation with members of medical specialists. Visit a doctor or a pharmacy if you have health problems! You should under no circumstances use the content on for self-treatment or without supervision by a professional. should not be used for treating patients by medical specialists.

(3) cannot be made responsible for damages caused by using the information on

(4) Medikamio reserves the right to change the terms and conditions and to change or remove content on our website without any information in advance.


(1) All information on is based on national or european package inserts. Package inserts and similar information is created in the course of the european approval procedure based on current scientific findings. Although we are updating this data regularly, we cannot guarantee that the information we provide is in accordance with those of the regulatory authorities.

They serve the users of our service only as general information and are non-binding. Same is applied to all statements about ways of using medication and their effectiveness, in writing or verbally, which are made to the best of our knowledge. Medikamio must point out specifically that information of this kind does under no circumstances replace a consultation with a medical professional. Neither Medikamio nor third-parties assume any liability regarding accuracy, completeness, and up-to-dateness of any information provided on Medikamio assumes no liability directly or indirectly resulting from using the information about treatments/medical products.

(2) Individual posts in our magazine reflect only the opinion of the author and not of Medikamio. Our content is not equivalent to a medical consultation, individual remote diagnosis or therapy recommendation, we cannot replace any of them. We would like to point out that none of the authors has any personal or financial connection with third parties. Third-parties cannot influence the content of our Website.

(3) Medikamio also does not assume liability for any content of websites which are linked via hyperlinks. Medikamio is not responsible for the content of websites which may be reached through such hyperlinks. The responsibility lies only within their respective operators. In addition, Medikamio reserves the right to change or amend offered information. Medikamio is not able to check all sites which are linked to. As soon as Medikamio becomes aware of a legal violation in connection with a linked website, will remove the link.

(4) Content and structure of the website is protected by copyright laws. Multiplication of information or data, especially using texts, parts of texts or images requires the approval of Medikamio in advance.

(5) By using no contract is made between the Users and Medikamio. Medikamio does not conclude a consultancy agreement with the users.

(6) We at Medikamio aim to offer our service without technical failures. Yet, technical malfunctions may occur. We are not liable for the constant availability of our service.


(1) Our website contains advertisements which are clearly identifiable - for example with the note “Advertisements” or “Ad” - and are clearly separated from the contents of

(2) Our website uses Google AdSense for advertising. We do not have any influence regarding the exact content of Google Ads.

(3) Following content is banned from advertising on Medikamio:

Advertisements for weapons, pornographic content, glorification of violence and dating websites.

(4) In order to ensure editorial independence, sponsors and advertisers do not have any means of influencing the content on Medikamio.

(5) offers a comparison of medication prices between approved pharmacies. Medikamio is not liable for content on the linked websites and in this regard no contract is made between the user and Medikamio.


(1) The graphic representation of medication on our platform is an exemplary presentation only. All information on Medikamio is subject to drafting errors, printing errors and misinformation due to faulty data transmission.

(2) Information about medication on Medikamio is collected amongst, but not limited to following websites:






All content published on is subject to copyright protection. Users can use information only for personal and not commercial purposes.

Unauthorized use, reproduction or distribution of individual content or complete pages is not permitted and punishable.


Company’s head office in Vienna, Austria

Postal address:

Medikamio GmbH & KG,
Schulerstraße 1-3/2 Top 55, 1010 Vienna, Austria


Tel.: +43 664 390 79 91


Director: Dipl.-Ing. Marco Vitula

Registration number: 536171 m

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The contents shown do not replace the original package insert of the medicinal product, especially with regard to dosage and effect of the individual products. We cannot assume any liability for the correctness of the data, as the data was partly converted automatically. A doctor should always be consulted for diagnoses and other health questions. Further information on this topic can be found here.