Cannabigerol - a cannabinoid with therapeutic benefits?

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At first it sounds like a spelling mistake: CBG. Doesn't it actually mean CBD? No. Because in addition to the best-known cannabinoids of the hemp plant - THC and CBD - cannabigerol (CBG for short) is also apparently of therapeutic use. No wonder, then, that the active ingredient is now increasingly becoming the focus of research.

CBG - interesting and not intoxicating

Cannabigerol does not have a psychotropic effect. It does not produce intoxication like THC and is therefore very interesting for researchers from a pharmacological point of view. In addition, it is therefore possible for everyone, buy CBG to be able to buy it.

Cannabigerol is one of the first cannabinoids that the cannabis plant produces during its growth. With the help of UV radiation and heat, the cannabinoid CBD is formed during plant growth.

Close up of cannabis plant

The hemp plant contains numerous cannabinoids, including cannabigerol.

What can CBG do?

Science is still in the very early stages of studying CBG. Nevertheless, there are already initial studies that show the potential of the cannabinoid.

CBD as a wonder weapon against antibiotic-resistant germs?

Antibiotic-resistant germs are becoming an ever-increasing problem worldwide. Antibiotics used to treat serious bacterial infections are becoming increasingly ineffective. Cannabis has long been said to have an antibacterial effect. However, studies to combat antibiotic resistance have been scarce. In 2020, however, a study looked at this, and the scientists found that CBG is probably able to stop infections caused by multi-resistant germs. The study looked at a total of five cannabinoids for their antibiotic properties. Cannabigerol was said to be particularly effective in killing MRSA pathogens. However, CBG still needs to be studied in more detail for use as an antibiotic.

Protecting nerve cells with CBG

If nerve cells lose their function or die, neurodegenerative diseases develop. neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson's or Huntington's disease. Inflammation and oxidative stress play a major role in this process. A study by Italian researchers found that CBG seems to help against these inflammations and oxidative stress. Thanks to neuroprotective effects, cannabidiol could work against the loss of nerve cells.

CBG has appetite stimulating effects

Cannabis has long been known for its appetite-stimulating effects, but these are often attributed to the active ingredient THC. However, a study from the UK showed that cannabigerol also appears to have an appetite stimulating effect. In an experiment with rats, scientists found that they ate significantly more frequent and larger meals after treatment with CBG. Again, more research needs to be done to provide evidence that CBG is effective for loss of appetite.

CBG as support against colorectal cancer

In an Israeli study, the spectrum of effect of various cannabis extracts on colon cancer cells as well as adenomatous polyps was investigated. It was shown that CBG leads to a growth arrest of cancer cells in the intestine as well as to programmed cell death. Thus, CBG could in the future be an important support in the treatment of colorectal cancer in the future.

Dosage forms of CBG

CBG is - similar to CBD - available in different dosage forms. However, due to the more complex extraction, CBG products are more price-intensive than CBD products.

CBG oil

CBG oil is probably the most widely used dosage form of cannabigerol. The oil is placed under the tongue and kept in the mouth for about 30 to 60 seconds. Initially, a low dosage and concentration should be started, and after about four days, it can be increased as needed.

Close up of cannabis plant with seeds and hemp oil in a pipette. Nature in the background.

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One of the most commonly used dosage forms of CBG is oil.

CBG capsules

CBG capsules are also a frequently used and very easy and pleasant way to take cannabigerol. They can be taken on the go without any problems and the dosage is always the same. Initially, it is recommended to take one capsule per day, after four days the intake can be adjusted to the need.

CBG Grass, Weed and Flowers

It sounds confusing, but both weed, weed and flower are synonyms that refer to the untreated product of the hemp plant. CBG is smoked in this dosage form.

Is CBG legally available?

So far, little is known on the subject of CBG's legality. However, since cannabigerol has no psychoactive effect, the handling should probably correspond to that of CBD. But what does this mean in concrete terms? Processed products with CBG such as oil and capsules or cosmetic products are considered legal if their THC content is less than 0.2 percent. Unprocessed products such as flowers are not legal regardless of THC content. The latter are nevertheless sold and so far there are no known prosecutions in this regard.


From a therapeutic perspective, cannabigerol is an interesting cannabinoid. It seems to have numerous properties that have a positive effect on health. Currently, however, much more research is needed to make more accurate statements about the effects of CBG. Intensive scientific research is crucial for the use and optimization of cannabigerol. Currently, however, research in this regard is still in its infancy.

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