Emergency bracelet for seniors

Emergency bracelet for seniors


We all want to keep our loved ones safe. But what if an elderly person in the family is unsteady on his feet at some point? What if he might forget to take his important medications every now and then? In all these cases, an emergency bracelet for seniors or mobile home emergency call systems could provide a solution.

Emergency bracelet for seniors

High-tech on the wrist with Alarmbands:

Founded in 2016, the company Alarmbands develops and represents so-called smart wearables, such as emergency bracelets for seniors or even alarm bracelets for women. Especially with advancing age, the risk of household accidents, dizziness or circulation problems can increase, which is why Alarmbands has developedthe emergency call bracelet for the older generation as a possible solution to these problems.

Emergency bracelet for seniors:

Single seniors in particular can quickly find themselves in danger if they fall in their apartment or house. They can't get up on their own, and by the time relatives notice that they haven't heard anything in a while, it may already be too late. In addition, there may be no one living in the immediate vicinity of the senior, so there is no guarantee that someone will visit the person regularly.

Such an emergency bracelet is able to remind the person wearing it to take their medication, so that there is no longer any danger from this side.

Safety when taking medication:

An emergency bracelet for seniors also equips loved ones with added security. Because it not only reminds the owner to take the medication. If there is no confirmation on the watch that the medication has been taken, an emergency call is automatically sent out to the person on file. This way, someone can intervene quickly.

Safety in case of falls and in the bathroom:

An emergency bracelet for seniors is also able to detect a fall and immediately send an emergency call. Even showering and bathing (i.e. moisture) is no problem for an emergency bracelet. It is waterproof, keeping loved ones safe even in the bathroom.

Service all inclusive:

The emergency bracelet for seniors works like a phone with a SIM card (i.e. Subscriber Identification Module). The monthly service fee includes emergency calls and messages. After all, it is not used like a classic smartphone, but only for the safety of seniors. The system selects the ideal network for the location in question.

Product at a glance - Vital Emergency Call:

Safety also for dementia patients:

In the case of incipient dementia, where the relative can still care for themselves to a large extent, one of the greatest fears is that the person will leave the house and get lost. Such a person will then no longer be able to find their way home and will then also no longer have access to their medication. If you just start looking now, you may be looking in all the wrong place. The emergency bracelet for seniors also offers additional protection here. Because the bracelet has an integrated GPS transmitter with it, which can be located very precisely. This way, you know immediately where to go. For data protection, no histories or data are recorded for this purpose. This recording is only for finding you in case of an emergency. As an emergency contact, you receive an SMS so that you can quickly see on the map where the missing person is - whether outdoors or in a building.

There is also the option of using an emergency bracelet for children. However, as a mobile home emergency call, the advantage of using an emergency bracelet for seniors is that your loved one can wear the system right on them and not have to go through the hassle of going to an emergency button.

Contact Information:

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  • Mail: office@alarmbands.com
  • Phone: 43 660 65 140 16

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